Show notes #23: The symbiotic relationship between intentional vocabulary learning and ER: An interview with Charles Browne

I first saw Dr. Charles Browne a few months ago at JALT’s PanSIG in Tokyo. He was giving a talk in a room that was almost as packed as a Japanese train during rush hour. He was introducing ER Central, which is a website that he created with Rob Waring, where students and teachers can find a myriad ER-related resources, and he was glowing. You could tell that he was passionate about it. I immediately thought that we had to have him on the podcast. So I told Travis and we got in touch with him. We asked him if he would give us an interview and, to our delight, he said yes in no time. Our original idea was just to have him introduce his website to our audience, but the interview flowed in different directions and became something that I find even more interesting. Among many other things, it included a really nice section on what Dr. Browne calls a symbiotic relationship between extensive reading and intentional vocabulary learning, for example, by means of flashcards. 


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