Episode #8: Interview with Antoinette Moses (Part I)

I think it’s important that stories reflect the world in which young people live. Welcome to the eighth episode of the ER Podcast. After having dealt with extensive reading mostly from the point of view of the teachers, this time we look at it from a different angle. We interview Dr. Antoinette Moses, three-time winner […]

Episode #7: Interview with Atsuko Takase (Part II)

For our seventh episode we have the second part of the interview that Professor Atsuko Takase gave us. She tells us about teachers’ motivation to do ER, the need for teachers to do ER themselves so that they can understand the students’ experience with ER, and the role of manga in ER among many other […]

Episode #6: Interview with Atsuko Takase (Part I)

Our sixth episode features the first part of a long telephone interview with professor Atsuko Takase, long time ER enthusiast, practitioner and promoter, and co-chair of this summer’s Extensive Reading World Congress in Tokyo. Professor Takase tells us about when she was visiting a high school student in the States in the 1960s where she […]