Show notes #20: Chinese Graded Readers and ER in Chinese

After a long break that we took following the beginning of the academic year in Japan, we are back with a new episode and a new interview. This time we deal with extensive reading in Chinese. We do so in the company of Chinese language consultants Jared Turner and John Pasden, who have put together a collection of graded readers in Chinese called Mandarin Companion. In the interview they discuss their experiences reading and doing extensive reading in Chinese, and also the challenges of creating Chinese reading materials that are both interesting and useful to learners of the language.


2 thoughts on “Show notes #20: Chinese Graded Readers and ER in Chinese

  1. i love the graded readers. i’ve read all (i think) level 1, am working through level 2, and wonder if there will ever be a level 3. as having experienced terror at the “wall of characters,” these are incredibly helpful tools for at least being a tiny bit less terrified!


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