Show notes #16: From theory to practice. ER in a secondary school in Malaysia. Interview with Navinder Kaur

Our guest for this episode is an English teacher in a secondary school in Malaysia who has been using extensive reading in her classes for many years in spite the isolation and the budget limitations. In this interview she tells us everything about motivating her students to read without recurring to external motivation, and we also discuss issues like the need to properly orient students before they start doing ER, or the role of ER-related activities besides sustained silent reading.

Here are some pictures of Navinder’s students doing ER at her school, including a session with a guest speaker, and also students talking about the materials they had read.


Some of the works mentioned in this podcast are linked below:

  • First, here is Navinver Kaur’s account of the peer reading project that we talk about in the interview (p. 16).
  • Here you can find Roberta Welch’s classic article on orienting the students by explaining the differences between intensive and extensive reading.
  • Here’s a review of Nuttall’s classic book on teaching reading which includes the two reading cycles.
  • Finally, here is a review of Bamford and Day’s book on ER-related activities, which was published in 2004 (and not in 2002, as Jose says in the podcast!).





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