Show notes #11: Graded reader editing and adaptations. Interview with Nick Bullard (Part II)


We are back after our one-week break with an episode that continues to deal with editing and adapting graded readers. Nick Bullard, long-time editor of graded readers at Oxford University Press as well as adapter tells us more about the issues surrounding these two complementary jobs. We learn, for example, how potential adaptations of George Orwell, Graham Greene and Truman Capote would have completely different implications and why that would be so. Nick also tells us about grading and headwords and the many issues that surround them.

Next Tuesday we will be interviewing Aaron Campbell at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. He will be telling us about Readers4Readers, an altruistic project to promote extensive reading. If you have any questions about the project for him, please leave a comment or send us an email.


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