Show notes #8: Interview with Antoinette Moses (Part I)


I think it’s important that stories reflect the world in which young people live.

Welcome to the eighth episode of the ER Podcast. After having dealt with extensive reading mostly from the point of view of the teachers, this time we look at it from a different angle. We interview Dr. Antoinette Moses, three-time winner of the ER Foundation’s Language Learner Literature Award and author of highly successful books like Jojo’s Story, Book Boy and Let Me Out! Those of you who have read her books know how she manages to tell complex and rich stories in a very simple language, and among many other things, in this interview she explains how that can be done. She also tells us about how Cambridge University Press allowed her to tackle strong subjects such as war, depression, drug abuse or homelessness in her books, and generally, how it is possible to write engaging stories for students. Episode 8 includes the first part of this interview; the second part will be included in our ninth episode next week.


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