Show notes #4: Thomas Robb on quizzing students and the MReader


Welcome to our fourth episode, in which we play the second part of our interview with Thomas Robb that we started in Episode #3. This time, professor Robb tells us about the history of the most popular tool for teachers all over the world to make sure that their students are reading their graded readers: the MReader.

For the Continuing the Debate section we comment on a brief segment by long-time comprehensible-input advocate Stephen Krashen, which we borrowed from a short lecture available on Youtube.

We hope you like the episode. We certainly had a great time recording it. After this episode we will be taking a long summer break. We will be back with the fifth episode on Thursday, September 21st. Have a nice summer, and happy reading!

Note: the interview with Tom Robb starts at about 17:15.


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